10 great typography resources

Posted by in Design on November 3, 2010

After looking through my bookmarks the other day, I noticed some of these links tucked away in a typography folder. Enjoy!


Typetester is great because it will actually show you how your fonts will render on on the web.  It’s the most thorough site of it’s kind that I’ve found so far because of the tons of parameters to change including size, leading, tracking and color.

The Elements of Typographic Style Applied to the Web

This is a friendly web based version of The Elements of Typographic Style, commonly referred to as the bible of typography. If there is anything you want to know about type, there is a pretty strong chance that it’s somewhere in this book.


PXtoEM is a super easy to use pixel to em (or vise versa) conversion utility.


Typekit offers a standards compliant way of easily (and cheaply) embedding fonts directly into your website.


Most of us have run into a scenario where we need to quickly identify a font we’ve found online or otherwise. Whatthefont is a free service that allows you to upload an image, and will identify which font it is by looking at it’s unique characteristics. It doesn’t work too well with small images, but it does a pretty good job with larger images with clear text.


Typedia is an awesome resource for those who want to learn more about individual typefaces, their designers, and their different categories.

Extensis Suitcase

Suitecase is a handy program that lets you organize all your fonts, and activate only the ones you need. I also wrote on article on organizing your fonts using dropbox on suitcase if you want to learn as easy way to bring your collection with you where ever you go.

10 Common Typography Mistakes

Tips on combining fonts

This is a great article by the foundry H&FJ with some simple tips on mixing typefaces to develop an overall typographic voice.

I love typography

This is a great site to check out once a week to keep you updated on whats new in typography. They have font news, free downloads, a shop and lots of great articles by a wide user base.