5 tools for designing iPhone and iPad apps

Posted by in Design on February 3, 2012

I’ve compiled the 5 tools below to help optimize the process of designing an iPhone or iPad app. They are all relatively simple tools, but they all serve their own little purpose by optimizing a part of the process of when going from idea to completion.

Rarepad wireframe templates

We designed these 11×17 templates to quickly sketch down ideas during the wireframe process. Download them, print a bunch, and start sketching.

Download them here.


Teehan & Lax have been putting out these hi-res templates for iOS for a couple years now, and we use them all the time if we need to drop in some standard iOS controls without having to recreate the element ourselves.

Download them here.


Designing for the retina screen can be a little bit deceiving when you’re looking at it on your monitor due to the difference in pixel density. To ensure the design is looking how it should, we utilize an app called liveview which displays what you’re working on directly on the device. Handy.

Download it here.

Bjango Photoshop actions

I design all of my apps at retina resolution, then when it’s time to export assets for standard resolution, I can just use one of these actions and it will scale everything appropriately. The only thing to note is that you should constantly be aware that you need to have all attributes (drop shadow values, sizes, ect.) in multiples of 2 so that they are scaled down in the cleanest way possible.

Download them here.

App icon template

This icon template is amazing for quickly creating and exporting icons at all required sizes you need for your app store submission, as well as a couple other cool features.

Download it here

  • http://twitter.com/jakerocheleau Jake Rocheleau

    Yes these are great resources thanks for sharing. It can be tough getting into iOS but it’s a great market.

  • http://ytmnd.com/ Boris

    Useful blog, really enjoyed the read, thanks.

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  • kilevvri1

    Sucks that your wireframe link is broken

    • http://www.takis.ca bryanmanio

      Just updated it, thanks for the heads up!

      • kilevvri1

        No probs. I thank you too.