Featured app – Cinemagram

Posted by in Featured app on March 27, 2012

What is a cinemagraph? Think of it like a still photo, but with a subtle (usually) little piece of motion. While it’s a little bit combursome to make them on your computer, there is a now a simple way to make them on your iPhone.

The app feels very instagram-esque, with easy sharing, and a way to view popular and recent cinemagraphs people have taken. For how cool the results are, it’s actually suprising how the fast the process is from start to end. You simple take a short video, mask out the section where you want to indicate movement, and add one of the many filters to add some character to the photo.


Here’s one I shot on the way to my car a few days ago.

While the load time on some of the images can be fairly large, it’s a pretty fun free app. You can check out some featured cinemgrams here, or download the app for free.