Featured app – Puzzlejuice

Posted by in Featured app on February 1, 2012

It’s pretty rare for me to instantly get hooked on an iOS game, but Puzzlejuice takes the cake for my new favorite. It’s a super simple game that acts as a hybrid between Tetris and a word scramble game, which suprisingly works really really well.

You drop blocks of different shapes to create full lines (like Tetris), but instead of the lines disappearing, they turn into letters instead. You then spell out the longest word you can (with a minimum of three letters) using only adjacent and diagonal blocks, keeping in mind you still have to play Tetris at the same time to survive.The app itself is universal on iOS devices, and they’ve really optimized the iPhone version for the smaller screen size. Since the blocks are much smaller than on the iPad version, when you start spelling out letters, you’ll see a zoomed in version of where your finger is which really helps with accuracy. It’s a really effective tweak (and one of the only) on the iPhone version that really helps when you’re racking your brain to try to find words as quickly as you can.


If you’re a fan of puzzle and word games, you have to give this a shot. It’s such an addictive app and it has a simple refreshing UI, hilarious copy, and one of the best iOS soundtracks I’ve heard. My girlfriend and I even discovered the iPad version is a decent 2 player game if one person controls the Tetris aspect, while the other frantically tries to find words (although I can’t guarantee you won’t start yelling at each other).


They weren’t kidding when they say it’s the game that will punch your brain in the face.


Download it here