Friday Five for December 31st, 2010

Posted by in Friday 5 on December 31, 2010

2010, what a year it was! Welcome to the last Friday Five of the year, where I’ve rounded up some of the best “best of”, “worst of” ¬†and annual retrospectives from across the wide world of the internet. My Top 5 Things of 2010: season four of Mad Men, made up words like “jeggings”, the British Monarchy joining Facebook (so many photos of cricket players!), Jezebel’s daily dirtbags, and the beard trend (but please, gentlemen, keep them maintained).

1) Movies! Salon covers the greatest movie scenes of 2010, get the straight facts in Wikipedia’s 2010 in Film entry, Rotten Tomatoes covers the freshest and most rotten film developments of 2010, and everyone’s favourite critic, Roger Ebert, lists his top 10 films of the year (there are some gooders near the end).

2) News-ish! Read these tonight before you go to a party and impress drunk people with your worldly knowledge. The Onion’s Our Annual Year coverage is thorough and hilarious, The Globe covers the top stories of 2010, The National Post knows that in the end, it’s the same stuff, different year, and After Ellen gives a retrospective of Rachel Maddow in 2010.

3) Pop culture grab bag! Newsweek covers the year in celebrity dolls (creepy) and the 13 worst trends of 2010, Jezebel shows off the best of the worst photoshopping, Joystiq lays out the best 10 video games of 2010, and DJ Earworm mashes up the year’s top 25 Billboard hits (why do people like such bad music?).

4) Tech! Gizmodo’s best How Tos cover all sorts of territory, Time lists the top 25 nerds of the year (Sheldon! And Daniel Clowes!), Mashable’s Pete Cashmore gives an interview about the top tech of 2010, Techcrunch pays tribute to 2010’s fortunate winners and pathetic losers, and Cult of Mac recalls the top 10 Steve Jobs quotes of 2010.

5) Looking ahead! Exclaim covers the most anticipated Canadian albums of 2011, Mashable predicts some social media trends, psychics make predictions for 2011, and the AV Club staff make refreshingly easy-to-attain pop culture new year’s resolutions.

Have a happy, happy, happy new year! My new year’s resolution: just say no to Jaegerbombs, as they are pure evil and not worth the hangover. Have fun tonight, and I’ll see you in 2011!