Pixel perfect rounded rectangles in Photoshop

Posted by in Design on September 8, 2010

Drawing pixel perfect rectangles in photoshop has always been a pain for me until I recently learned about this little trick.

Whenever I used to draw a basic rounded rectangle with say a 5px corner radius, it would never fall exactly on the pixel grid and the aliasing around the shape would always be inconsistent. Take this image for example, notice none of the sides are consistent with one another?

Thankfully, it’s an easy problem to solve, but you have to dig around a bit for the solution. With the rounded rectangle tool selected, simply click on the geometry options button directly beside the custom shape tool in the top bar. In the dropdown menu that appears, click on the snap to pixels button and you’re good to go.

Now when I redraw that same shape, all of the corners and sides will be consistent as they are now being locked to the pixel grid. Magic!