Using a Samsung phone made me switch back to iOS

Posted by in Banter on August 11, 2015

First off – I’m not an Apple fanboy . I started to draft this up on my Macbook Pro, and am currently finishing it off on my PC. I still use A Nexus 5 and an iPhone daily. I love technology, and don’t care who stamps their logo on the back of it.

I started off using iOS like many others back in 2008 (or was it 2009?) when the iPhone 3G hit the shelves. For the next five-ish years, I was content with iOS, upgrading my device every second product cycle.

Fastforward to 2013, I was using and loving the iPhone 5, although a little unimpressed by the lack of forward momentum of iOS 7. I was out at a bar one night with some friends, had my phone out on the table like I usually do and one stranger with some sleight of hand later, I was left phoneless.

We were getting more into Android app design at that point, so in the back of my mind I was getting more and more curious about using an Android device as my daily driver. It just so happened that that that the Nexus 5 came out that year, so I said what the hell, and clicked that purchase button. You can check out my initial impression of the Nexus here.

After two weeks of using the phone, I was in love with the Nexus.

It’s really hard to not love the Nexus 5. I mean, to this day Google is still using it for presentations at I/O, and the internet was pretty displeased after the Nexus 6 came out the next year at a higher price point, shortly after with the discontinuation of the Nexus 5.

Nexus 5 aside, the thing that really made me fall in love was stock Android. As a first time Android user, it was like breaking out of the iOS cage I was used to for so many years. The inter app connectivity was great, material was a breath of fresh air, and the customization really allowed me to get exactly what I wanted out of a phone.


When the Samsung S6 was announced, I was immediately interested. I wanted to stick with Android for a little while longer, but craved the build quality and attention to detail on hardware that the next price tier of hardware could offer. It eventually was available in Canada, and after buying into the online hype, I clicked that purchase button once again.

As it turns out, I probably should have stuck with my beat up Nexus 5.

Don’t get me wrong, the hardware is pretty nice! It’s definitely a step up from the Nexus when you’re looking at build quality, screen resolution and audio quality (sadly I can’t include battery life in this list) but none of that matters when you have to deal with the absolute mess of shit that is their skin on Android they call Touchwiz. From built in apps that I usually couldn’t uninstall (the phone comes pre-packaged with 56 apps), bloated features, pestering me to sign up for a Samsung account to use any of their apps, an awful default layout (my magazine, I’m looking at you), it took what I loved about stock android and material design and threw everything into the gutter. Sure, I can turn some things off here and there, but in the long run they just take up space on the device, and it eventually feels slooooow.


I did my best to hide as much as I could and return it a semblance of what I was used to with Nova Launcher, the damage was done. After dealing with the slowness of the device, and missing my alarm more than once because I misplaced my phone on the Samsung wireless charger by a mere centimeter, I put it up for sale 4 months later, ate the $300 loss and switched back to iOS using the iPhone 6+ as my daily driver.

It was almost relieving when I turned it on for the first time, because although not much changed since I was last on iOS – it was exactly what I expected it to be.

It may not be the fully customizable OS that I can truly make mine, 3rd party keyboards aren’t the same, I miss the back button more than ever now, and iTunes is pretty shit compared to the Play store –  but after using the S6 for 4 months, I’ll take this any day. Lets see what the new Nexus looks like.

I’m happy waiting until then.


Update: As the extra nail in the coffin, Samsung is now using their pre-installed apps to send push notifications to promote their new products. Gross.