Telling beginners what no one else does

Posted by in Design on July 23, 2015

Ira Glass is an American radio host, most known for this show This American Life. There is a really special part on a series he did on Storytelling (which you can watch here) that I originally watched years ago, that I was reminded of this week after finding this great short on something he calls “The Gap”.

I’ve personally felt what he’s talking about when I started off in both music and design, and it’s such a strong statement that can apply to anyone starting off in any creative field.

So get out there, start making shit, then relish in that feeling the first time you make something you’re proud of.

Full credit to the video goes to the talented filmmaker Daniel Sax. Check out some other work of his on his vimeo profile.

  • EmilianoMorghen

    This video really touched me, I’m 19 years old and I decided to be a designer in my life. Recently my works started to be more beautiful, but everytime I look around the internet I find incredible and amazing things… Things that now I can’t do and this video was so inspiring…

    Thanks a lot.
    Emiliano Morghen

    • bryanmanio

      Just like he said, it’s completely normal. Just keeping making stuff!