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Font management with Dropbox and Suitcase

I've struggled with font management when using multiple machines in the past, but the sweet sweet combination of Dropbox and Suitcase make all those problems go away.

Since I'm usually designing on 3 computers (laptop/work/home), I need to have all my fonts synced up to make sure I don't have any issues when working on a project from multiple locations. This is where dropbox saves the day. I like to keep my fonts pretty organized, so I have them listed out in the following categories in my dropbox folder :

Whenever I get a new typeface, I make sure it's in the right category and it will automatically sync across all my other computers. Now say I reformat my home PC and I need to get all these organized like I had them before. The first thing I have to do is install Suitcase (which will look empty at this point because I've got nothing installed).

Now I simply just drag the categorized folders into my font library in suitcase, and it will automatically organize everything just like I have in my dropbox folder.

Another great part about this system is how easy it is to manage fonts that you've recently added to your library. Say I add 3 fonts into my dropbox folder at work for a project I'm doing, then can't remember what the names of them are a week later when I'm trying to wrap up the project at home. All I have to do is drag over all the font categories from dropbox into suitcase and it will just add the files it sees as new. Then I can just open Photoshop or Illustrator and bam, the fonts get activated automatically.

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David Levin
12/23/2013 at 5:32 pm

Thanks for the tip! I use Dropbox to sync my fonts from my Desktop to my Laptop and it works very well! It’s too bad Suitcase Fusion doesn’t allow you to store the database in a shared location like a dropbox folder with relative links to the font files. Maybe someday. :)

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